UPLIFT™ exoskeleton, by Mawashi:

Versatile muscle assistive device

The UPLIFT™ Exoskeleton: What is it?

The UPLIFT exoskeleton is a one-of-a-kind versatile muscle assistive device that prevents musculoskeletal disorders by assisting the back, shoulders, and knees while offering unlimited autonomy (no external power source such as a battery is required).

Combine up to 3 modules for a tailored assistance.

Adjust the assistance level according to the task and need.

Quickly activate or deactivate the assistance without ever having to remove the exoskeleton.

Discover a cutting-edge solution that shares the same goal as you: protecting human health.

Why equip yourself with the UPLIFT™ exoskeleton?

Are you a business leader, a workplace health and safety expert, a distributor, or a worker whose job is physically demanding?

Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders

Increase physical endurance by up to 40%

Reduce absenteeism

Augment your operational efficiency or that of your team

Prolong your career or that of your employees

Become the role model in workplace health and safety.

Find out more specifically what the UPLIFT™ exoskeleton can do for you.

Why choose Mawashi for your exoskeleton

Are you a company manager, an occupational health and safety expert, a distributor or a worker whose job is physically demanding?

  • For a solution that adapts to your way of working – never the other way around
  • For great versatility
  • For unparalleled freedom of movement
  • For personalized support before, during, and after purchase
  • For a superior quality product

An easy and practical solution ideal for numerous industries






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Innovation is our raison d’être. Protecting human health is our primary motivation. Our team of multidisciplinary experts has been working in product development and research and development for over 20 years. Discover the expertise behind the UPLIFT™ exoskeleton.

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Mawashi, Leader in exoskeleton design

Founded in 2003, Mawashi has over 20 years of expertise in new product development and research and development, specifically in the design of body-worn systems (wearables). The constant desire to innovate inspires our team to exceed their limits and create unconventional, innovative products that redefine market standards. It is this quest for cutting-edge solutions that has led to the development of an exoskeleton for workers.