Mechanics Serving the Human Musculoskeletal System

To fully understand how an exoskeleton can make a difference in the daily life of a manual worker, it’s important to first understand what it is.

An exoskeleton is a mechanical system that encompasses one or more limbs of the human body to assist the user in tasks such as handling and manipulation of objects.

Passive or Active Exoskeleton: which one to choose

The industry typically categorizes exoskeletons into one of these two main categories:

Passive Exoskeleton:

Accumulates mechanical energy from springs, elastic materials, or other mechanisms. For instance, when the user leans forward, the exoskeleton stores energy in an elastic element, which assists in controlling the descent and then helps with returning to an upright position.

Active Exoskeleton:

 Operates with an external power source, such as a battery or electrical supply, and assists through motors.

UPLIFT™ is a passive muscle assistive exoskeleton. What does that mean for you? It’s an equipment that never runs out of energy and that comes at an affordable price.

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UPLIFT™ : An exoskeleton to assist the back, shoulders and knees

When designing the UPLIFT™, our experts didn’t settle for creating just a good device. They questioned how humans work. Conclusion: in their own way. Above all, a good exoskeleton must be versatile.

3 modules for a 4-in-1 exoskeleton


Unique in its kind, the UPLIFT exoskeleton is the result of a collaborative approach where humans are at the heart of the design. Designed to offer the best possible mobility, it consists of 3 modules: a back module (necessary for controlling the equipment), to which two complementary modules can be attached according to your needs.


Back Module


Back Module
Leg Module


Back Module
Arm Module


Back Module
Arm Module
Leg Module

Each module is sold separately

Key Features


  • Tunable assistance that adjust in real time
  • Quick and intuitive manual control to activate or deactivate assistance for all assistive modules
  • Premium quality materials
  • Easy and simple donning and doffing following the task to perform

10 reasons to choose the UPLIFT™ exoskeleton, designed by Mawashi

  • More versatility
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Enhanced ergonomics and comfort
  • Infinite autonomy
  • Intuitive and natural assistance that follows the biomechanical principles of the human body
  • A tailored solution
  • A superior-quality exoskeleton
  • Support and a network of assistance
  • A technology developed by a leader in the field
  • A practical and user-friendly solution

Discover what UPLIFT ™ can do for you.

  • Become the role model in workplace health and safety.
  • Provide a solution that will be easily accepted and adopted by your team
  • Reduce the risk of injuries within your team
  • Stabilize productivity through increased physical endurance, reduced fatigue, and a lower absenteeism rate
  • Increase the physical endurance of your employees
  • Reduce absenteeism rate and foster better profitability for the company
  • Facilitate employee recruitment and retention by adopting a unique work tool in the market
  • Stand out with a strong employer brand
  • Establish yourself as an innovative company that cares about the health of its employees
  • Capture attention to yourself and your offering with the appeal of a highly innovative product
  • Receive training to be well-equipped for selling the UPLIFT™ muscle assistive exoskeleton
  • Rely on the support of our team and take advantage of a support network
  • Prevent musculoskeletal disorders caused by manual labor
  • Take care of your health and well-being on a daily basis
  • Increase your physical endurance while reducing your efforts
  • Minimize fatigue
  • Give yourself the opportunity to extend your career

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The Mawashi Customer Experience: At the Core of Our Offering

At Mawashi, human is at the heart of everything. We go beyond mere equipment sales. We offer a turnkey experience.


To fully grasp the essence of the UPLIFT™ muscle assistive exoskeleton, there’s no better way than witnessing it in action. Your Mawashi journey begins with a demonstration of the equipment, either virtually or on-site, as circumstances allow. Our experts seize this opportunity to address all your inquiries.


In the realm of innovation, trying out a product is essential. And you’ll see, to try it is to adopt it.


Your needs are unique. Our experts help you pinpoint them to provide an optimal solution.


Our team has all the information needed to move forward with assessment. A quotation is prepared.


We assist you in taking measurements, process your order, and deliver it promptly.


Your exoskeletons are ready for action! You’ll experience the daily benefits offered by Mawashi’s equipment. Our after-sales service remains at your disposal, and a support network is available to you.