Proposed Support

Our UPLIFT™ exoskeleton aims to make your life easier. The experience wouldn’t be complete without exceptional customer service. At Mawashi, supporting you throughout the adoption process is essential to us. You’re never left on your own. Discover our tailored assistance.

Pre-Purchase Support

From the very first contact, our experts are at your disposal to answer your questions. A demonstration of UPLIFT™ in action helps you grasp the extent of its potential, and trying the exoskeleton gives you a taste of all the benefits you’ll gain. You’re not purchasing a promise. You’re purchasing a proven solution!

Need assistance with taking measurements? Contact us! We will be more than happy to guide you through the measurement process. Download our online chart  designed to simplify your work.

Purchase Support

Your satisfaction is our priority, and it involves ensuring optimal equipment fit. Our team can visit your company to adjust the exoskeleton for each worker. We address questions and explain how to use the equipment to your team. We also invite you to download the user manual.

Are you a visual learner? Our online tutorial videos provide answers to your questions anytime.

Post-Purchase Support

Have a question? Need assistance? Our customer service remains at your disposal. In case of a part malfunction, rely on our technical support network to assist you.

Available Online Tools

Your personalized support also includes easy access to various resources.

Downloadable Documents

UPLIFT™ User Manual

UPLIFT™ promotional flyer

Body measurements tool

UPLIFT™ measurement chart