Looking for an exoskeleton for construction, masonry, material handling, manufacturing, or any other related field with a need for physical assistance? The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton has been designed to meet the highest standards of various industries.

Masonry Industry

The UPLIFT exoskeleton came from a demand from the masonry industry. For several years now, Mawashi has been partnering with the company Fraco to make the muscle assistive exoskeleton accessible to this trade.

The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton helps you in:

  • Laying blocs of 8″, 10″, and more
  • Material handling (laborer)
  • Scaffolding installation / removal

The equipment also provides unrestricted agility when using the trowel.

Construction Industry

The entire construction sector can benefit from the advantages of the UPLIFT™ exoskeleton while complying to current safety regulations.

The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton assists you in:

  • Installing gypsum panels
  • Demolition work
  • Using heavy tools
  • Material handling (laborer)
  • Any work above shoulder level

Material Handling and Manufacturing Industries

Lightweight and versatile, the UPLIFT™ exoskeleton offers optimal ergonomics to assist workers in factories and workshops, making it perfect for handling and manipulating heavy loads without causing injuries.

The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton assists you in:

  • Packing/unpacking parcels
  • Palletizing/unpalletizing
  • Repetitive tasks above shoulder level
  • Handling heavy materials

The benefits, across all industries

  • Increases physical endurance by up to 40%
  • Facilitates effort while minimizing impact during repetitive tasks or heavy load handling
  • Enforces adoption of optimal posture
  • Helps prevent and protect workers from injuries
  • Foster employee attraction and retention
  • Works in synergy with its user, enabling him/her to exert less effort and conserve more energy